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Don’t forget the Swimathon is on this Saturday.

Pot Luck Meal – Don’t forget to bring along a dish to share.

Elementary School registration is at 2:15. Swimming at 2:30 till 3:30 eat at 3:30

Middle School registration 3:15, swim from 3:30-4:30, Eat at 4:30

ISM Community – Teachers, Parents, Students – 4:30-5:30

High School – Meal at 4:30 Registration 5:15, Swim 5:30-7:30

Pledges should be paid to the cashier by the  11th of December.

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Today we had the Sailfish parent meeting, and we discussed:

ISM Fall Swim Meet

  • Juniors are to meet at the pool at 7:10am
  • Seniors meet at the pool at 11:30am
  • The club is going to run a bake sale, please bring along something to contribute to sell. Parents are requested to help man the booth.


  • has been moved to the 5th of December,
  • Pledge forms have been sent home with the swimmers, and a copy has been e-mailed. 
  • Parents or an Adult Guardian is required at the event to count each swimmers laps. 
  • We also need parents to assist with the registration process, please email coach Andy Astfalck, if you are able to help.


  • December 1s for Elementary and Middle School Swimmers
  • Starts at 3:30 finishes at 6:00pm
  • Cost 200 Pesos each.  Club will be subsidysing event
  • Bring your swim suit and clothing for bowling.

December Club Champ Meet

  • Date has been changed to December 14th.

Questions?  E-mail Coach Andy astfalcka@ismanila.org

Sailfish News


This week we have training every day Tuesday-Friday.

EQUIPMENT – T-shirts and Swim Suits have arrived. They will be given out at training this week.

ISM FALL SWIM MEET – Still waiting on entry confirmation from the following swimmers.

Anaya, Tzocilli, Anaya, Yoatzin , Arulpragasam, Lucas ,Chatron-Michaud, Alexander, Dora, Aastha, Farid, Aina, Farid, Aisya, Fiechter, Andrea, Gonzales, Natalia Gooden, Aleah, Ha, Jae Hyun, Han, Sung-Jun, Hasebe, Kyoichi, Hong, Soo-Yeon, Ito, Rumi, Joo, Ie, Kang, Dayeon, Khanna, Sanjana, Kim, Han Joo, Kim, Jenny, Kim, Ji-Young, Kim, Joon-Ho, Kim, Sarah, Kim, SungHyun, Koyama, Hiroki, Lamont, Hugh, Lamont, Rory, Lee, Byeong, Lee, Dong Yun, Lee, Eun Jee.  Lee, Hee Min, Lee, Hee Seung, Lee, Jin-Wook. Lee, Nara, Lee, Sang-Won, Lee, Seung Hyun. Linell, Shannon, Mccallum, Orawan, Moon, Sophie. Morales, Isobel, Morales, Nicolo, Naughton, Jaqueline. Ronald, Alistair , Roovers, Reza, Rourke, Joseph. Sasaki, Seiryo, Soroño, Joshua, Sungkboon, Panarin. Sungkboon, Pawarin, Thompson, Kathryn, Woodruff, Alexander. Yu-Banos, Jasmine, Zheng, Lisa, Zibell, Enya. Zibell, Noah.