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Manila Japanese School Meet 2010

Well done swimmers again you improved your times, Personal Best stickers will be ready for you this week at training, don’t forget to ask for it.

New School Swimming Records


100 Free Relay1:17.6   6-Feb-1  G.Miralao, A.Gooden, M.Tumiwa, S.Miralao

100 Medley Relay 1:28.6  6-Feb-1 A.Gooden, M.Tumiwa, S.Miralao, G.Miralao

General Meet Observations

  • On starts don’t breath on your first stroke.
  • On finishes don’t breath the last 5 strokes or 5m. Keep your head down and go as fast as you can.
  • 100m races are sprints, kick hard all the way.
  • We need lots of practice with our Backstroke Turns, most of you don’t know how many strokes you take from the flags to the wall, this is key to a good turn. Remember you don’t have to touch the wall with your hand, you are allowed one freestyle stroke then tumble turn.  Make sure you push off on your back.
  • Backstroke arms: one hand exits the water as the other one enters the water, they stay completely opposite one another. One does not catch up to the other.
  • Breastroke pull outs, practice them on every start and turn at practice.
  • Butterfly, you kick when your hands enter the water, then kick again when your hands exit the water.
  • Butterfly, do not breath every stroke. One up one down,
  • Turns in general, at traning turn properly every time, if you miss a turn, it a missed opportunity to practice and improve.

Meet Results:


Click to open – FULL MEET RESULTS