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Hydration For Swimmers

The goal of hydration is to prevent fluid loss in excess of 2% of body weight, and to prevent excessive changes in the bodies electrolyte balance. Otherwise a person performance will deteriorate and health could be affected.pic_12363570251848
A swimmer can check their hydration rate by the colour of their urine. Clear means they are hydrated (you have been drinking enough water or
Yellow means your dehydrated, which means you have not been drinking enough water.

Prior to training you drink 1-3 cups of water to ensure you start training properly hydrated.

Then during training you should have a water bottle on pool deck so you can sip water between sets and if there is time between intervals.

This raises the question; how much fluid should a swimmer ingest while exercising? It depends on how much you sweat, and this is obtained by weighing yourself before training then again after training. The weight loss recorded is fluid loss and this amount should be fluid ingestion target for each training session.

Weight Before Training 2% Weight Loss Weight After Training
75kg 1.5kg 73.5kg
65kg 1.3kg 63.7kg
55kg 1.1kg 53.9kg
45kg 0.9kg 44.1kg
40kg 0.8kg 39.2kg
35kg 0.7kg 34.3kg