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Sailfish Club Shirts

We are ordering Sailfish Swim Club t-shirts (polo neck for parents)

Swim suits and swim caps are on their way, I’ll let you know when they arrive how to purchase them.

This year the shirt will be cotton shirt, not so sweaty.

From Tuesday 24th –Friday 27th at training, Parent Volunteers will assist all Sailfish Swimmers try on Sample Sailfish Shirts.

The parent volunteers will help the swimmers with selecting sizes, and give the swimmer an order form with their size on it.

A Parent Shirt is available, if you want one you have to come by to try one on or guess your size put your order on your child’s order form.

To order,

1. fill out the form,

2. Pre Pay at the Cashiers Desk, make sure the cashier stamps your form.

3. Bring the form to Coach Andy at the Swimming Pool Office. If I don’t get the form, you will not get a shirt.

4. DEADLINE – Wednesday 8th September 5pm.

5. I will complete process the order through out purchasing office.

6. Shirts will then be distributed at training once they arrive.

Tips and Tricks

Weekly Round-up

from Scientific Swimming Article Review by noreply@blogger.com (G. John Mullen)

1. The important of vitamin D, read here.

2. Want to raise your testosterone?  Watch some sports, read here.

3. Is Michael Phelps having an off year, the swimming geek (name up for grabs this weekend) believes so, read here.

4. Rest intervals, how important are they in hypertrophy training?  Also, how is hypertrophy measured?  Read here

5. Where are my triathletes with back pain?  This article discusses how peripheral sources can cause back pain. It focuses on the foot, specifically the subtalar joint.  This can be one cause of low back pain, but it isn’t so simple.  In fact the hip can control the ankle which can be causing back pain…I know it is a convulated puzzle!  Anyway, quick here for the read.

6. A fellow physical therapy enthusiast Tom Hermann discusses the importance of power training in swimming.  I have been breaching this for a while and find every swimmer can benefit from this form of resistance training.  The only area I disagree with Tom is with back squats.  Swimmers stress their shoulder a lot and I the position to hold the bar during back squat is advantageous for injury.  Instead I have athletes perform front squats for quad activation in combination with a hip extensor strengthening exercise, read here.

7. Well Shawn Cater aka Jay-z was the first rapper with a shoe and now Ryan Lochte is the first swimmer with a shoe…love it!  Eric thanks for breaking the story first, click here.

8.  What athlete does not have superstition?  I remember pressing my goggles into my eye sockets repeatedly before a race and having specific pre meet meals in college.  I know other swimmers who perform a specific amount of arm swings or have a “special” suit.  Do these superstitions help?  A recent study reports they actually make a difference, read more here.  What is the weirdest pre meet ritual you’ve seen?  Don’t worry if you submit something I won’t assume it’s about you…

9.  Are push-ups good for swimmers?  Hells yes!  Similar to baseball pitchers discussed in this article, swimmers have weak serratus anterior and lower trapezius muscles, in fact swimmers with shoulder pain how lower activation of these muscles, which I discussed here.  Watch below for proper push-up progression, turn the speakers up!

Thera-bands can be purchased here. Thera-Band Single Pack Latex Exercise Bands – 5′ x 5.5″ – Green

10. Leg extension machine has to be safe, I mean everyone does it, right?  Wrong, bad kitty!  This exercise puts high stress on the patellofemoral joint and can lead to injury, read here.

11. Want to sleep easier, don’t eat these foods

12. Sports nutrition is something I feel swimmers are lacking, click here to see a video of the top 5 supplements athletes should ingest, I don’t advocate every supplement, but the risk/benefit should be considered.

13. How often do you sit?  At internships I only sit 4 hours a day compared to school days where I sit up to 12 hours a day!  Here is a good article discussing the risks of prolonged sitting.  I am in talks with USMS about the effects of sitting on swimming, stay tuned.

14. Here is another post which questions the horrific claims of lactic acid.  I discussed it briefly in the baking soda conversation, read here. Once again, great anaerobic athletes typically can produce high lactate, so can it be that horrendous? Wanna try, ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda – 12 lb. bag?

15. Oblique and abdominal strength is essential in swimming and the crunch is overused.  People are sitting way too much (refer to #13) and a crunch mimics the poor posture sustained throughout the day.  Here is another “atypical” abdominal exercise which would be easy to implement.

16. Gold Medal Mel posted a great interview with Nathan Adrian…47 in practice, damn! Click here.

A Watch For Swimmers

Pool-Mate Watch by Swimovate
World First Automatic Lap Counting Watch
Now available in HOT PINK!

GSS: S$179 U.P. S$229

The Pool-Mate is the only fully automatic lap and stroke counter for swimmers. It will work with all major strokes, all abilities of swimmer and all sizes of pool.

Containing accurate motion sensors and our unique software algorithms, the Pool-Mate automatically recognises each swim stroke and change of lap so you don’t have to count anymore. The Pool-Mate will display Lap count, Time, Average Strokes per lap, Speed, Distance, Calories and Efficiency, all completely automatically and store details in a large memory for recall at your leisure.


Holiday Projects

Holiday Projects

What are you going to do for the next 2 months while on holidays?  What about be creative and design a Sailfish or Varsity T-shirts or a Join The Sailfish Banner?

  • A Sailfish Club T-shirt you can wear at meets, to replace the one we have been wearing for the past two seasons.
  • On February 19th we are running a meet which will be attended by teams from other countries, we will be giving every competitor a Meet T-shirt.  Design a t-shirt for this meet.
  • At the start of the season we invite students to join the Sailfish, we need to promote the Sailfish and invite students to join us.  Design a banner that can be printed onto paper to be placed in the notice boards around the school, we will also print the banner onto a large banner to be hung at the pool.
  • Varsity Swimmers can create a Varsity T-shirt to be worn at Meets throughout the Varsity Swimming Season.
  • Varsity Swimmers can create an IASAS Swimming Shirt to be worn at IASAS Swimming Kuala Lumper.

Click on the logo to save it to your computer

Blank T-shirt

  • Sailfish Logo

Sailfish News


This week we have training every day Tuesday-Friday.

EQUIPMENT – T-shirts and Swim Suits have arrived. They will be given out at training this week.

ISM FALL SWIM MEET – Still waiting on entry confirmation from the following swimmers.

Anaya, Tzocilli, Anaya, Yoatzin , Arulpragasam, Lucas ,Chatron-Michaud, Alexander, Dora, Aastha, Farid, Aina, Farid, Aisya, Fiechter, Andrea, Gonzales, Natalia Gooden, Aleah, Ha, Jae Hyun, Han, Sung-Jun, Hasebe, Kyoichi, Hong, Soo-Yeon, Ito, Rumi, Joo, Ie, Kang, Dayeon, Khanna, Sanjana, Kim, Han Joo, Kim, Jenny, Kim, Ji-Young, Kim, Joon-Ho, Kim, Sarah, Kim, SungHyun, Koyama, Hiroki, Lamont, Hugh, Lamont, Rory, Lee, Byeong, Lee, Dong Yun, Lee, Eun Jee.  Lee, Hee Min, Lee, Hee Seung, Lee, Jin-Wook. Lee, Nara, Lee, Sang-Won, Lee, Seung Hyun. Linell, Shannon, Mccallum, Orawan, Moon, Sophie. Morales, Isobel, Morales, Nicolo, Naughton, Jaqueline. Ronald, Alistair , Roovers, Reza, Rourke, Joseph. Sasaki, Seiryo, Soroño, Joshua, Sungkboon, Panarin. Sungkboon, Pawarin, Thompson, Kathryn, Woodruff, Alexander. Yu-Banos, Jasmine, Zheng, Lisa, Zibell, Enya. Zibell, Noah.


For those waiting patiently for their Sailfish Swim Suits and T-shirts, we will hand them out at training starting Tuesday Monday the 3rd of November.

For those who missed the last order, another order will be done in November.

Sailfish Club Shirt
Sailfish Club Shirt