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Saturday 13th March

Presenting the Annual ISM Aquathon 2010

This is a Sailfish Swim Club Event, for all ISM and British School Manila (BSM) students, Parents and Teachers.   An Aquathon is a continuous race that combines running and swimming.  The race starts with a run, followed by a swim, and finishes with another run.  Four different races are scheduled.  Three individual races and one relay race.    Participants are encouraged to enter the individual race then combined with another person and compete in the relay race as well.  Please note, there is no extra cost for entering the relay!

The relay race is to be raced with two people, one as the designated runner and the other as the swimmer.  The runner runs the first running leg, the swimmer swims the swim leg, and the runner runs the second run leg.

RACE 1 – MS Grades 7-8 – all High School and Adults – Start Time 8:00am

  • Individual Event
  • Run 600m Swim 400m Run 1400m
  • Age Groups 13/14, 15-18, Adult

RACE 2 – ES Grades 3-4/MS Grades 5-6 – Start Time 8:30am

  • Individual Event
  • Run 300m Swim 300m Run 700m
  • Age Groups Under 8, 9/10, 11/12

RACE 3 – ES Grades 1-2 – Start Time 9:00am

  • Individual Event
  • Run 150m Swim 200m Run 300m
  • Age Groups 8 & Under

RACE 4 – Relay – Adult/Student, Adults/Adult, ISM Versus British School Teachers. – Start 9:30am

  • Relay Event (2 people), One Runner, One Swimmer
  • Run 600m Swim 800m Run 1400m
  • Relay Divisions – Parent/Child, Adult/Adult, Student/Student, Teacher/Teacher

DOWN LOAD –  ISM AQUATHON 2010 – Information/Entry Form