Squad Training Times & Requirements 2019/2020

Elementary Squads:       2:15-3:15 Training Days
Squad 1 and Squad 2 Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
Squad 3 and Squad 4 Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday
MS/ HS Squads
Squad 5 and Squad 6 (3:15-4:30) Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
 Squad 7 (3:15-4:30)  Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday
Squad 8 ( 3:15-4:40) Monday /Tuesday/ Wednesday (Land Training) and Thursday
Squads 7 & 8 ( 6:40am-8:00am)  Wednesday
Coaches :
Hazel Benipayo
Squads 2/3 and 6

Cheryl Laroco Squads 1 and 5

Dhill Anderson Lee
Squad 4 and 8

Rod Sun
Squad 7

Bettina Hong
Squad 2

*MS and HS Training schedule will change for 2nd Season Varsity swimming starting November.

Training Requirements to be eligible for Meets

Please be reminded to compete for Sailfish, swimmers need to meet the training requirements in order to enter meets and swim as a representative of the ISM Sailfish team. Part of being on any team is making a training commitment, enjoying the camaraderie of  other team members and making a contribution to the team program. If you have questions about the requirements for meet participation speak directly with Coach Holly for clarification.

ES: No requirement
MS: At least 2 sessions a week (in the stipulated lead up period to the upcoming meet)
HS: At least 3 sessions a week (in the stipulated lead up period to the upcoming meet)
If you have been unable to achieve the minimum training requirements in the lead up period to a particular meet(s)…..please know that you are still considered a Sailfish Team Member and we look forward to you being able to compete whenever possible next time.

Contact Hazel if you have any questions…

ISM Sailfish and Varsity Swimming