Manila Japanese School Invitational

Welcome back and Happy New Year Sailfish Family!

As we start our second semester, please check our calendar of events for coming activities.

Manila Japanese School Swim Invitational will be happening on February 4, 2017.  Please sign up here.  Entry deadline will be Wednesday January 25, 2017.




Aquathon Results

A Huge Thank you all who supported our Aquathon last Saturday and for helping us raise funds for Child Hope.

We look forward in seeing you all next year.



December 14 will be the last training day for the year 2016. There will be an open pool party!

We will resume training January 10, 2017.


Rescheduled Aquathon to Nov 26th

Good Morning Sailfish,

With huge regret I am afraid I am having to re-schedule our Aquathon. With the incoming weather and a Soccer fixture that must be played we will not have access to the field. I have tried every alternate to keep the event going ahead, however I feel it best we move the date.
We will re-schedule to Nov 26th. I do hope you are all still able to make it and my deepest apologies for the inconvenience. Please re-submit your entries with the updated sign-up link at the bottom.
Please note we have also added a new Fun Team category for the relay event 4. If entered under this category you will not be eligible for prizes however you may enter up to 4 people in your team and tag in/out at any point during the race.

ISM Aquathon I – Sat 26th Nov 2016 (Rescheduled)

Presenting the first leg of the ISM Aquathon’s (Run – Swim – Run). For those new to this great event, we are raising money for our designated ChildHope charity and Sailfish activities. There is no training requirement for this event and all family, friends and teachers are welcome to participate!

As always we are timing this event, however, the main aim of the day will be to have fun and encourage all participants in something a little different. It is a great way to get active and involved with your kids, siblings and students.

Please note if you are nervous about either running or swimming, team up with a runner or swimmer and join the relay category in Race 4.

Open to all ISM Student/Faculty/Staff/Parent Community along with BSM , MJS, AIS, Brent & Kings.

RACE 1 – 8:00am Start

  • 13/14 yrs  15-18yrs Adult

  • Run 1km – Swim 400m (16 lengths) – Run 1.9km

RACE 2 – 8:30am Start

  • 9/10yrs and 11/12yrs

  • Run 600m – Swim 300m (12 lengths) – Run 1.6km

RACE 3 – 9:15am Start

  • Under 8yrs

  • Run 600m – Swim 200m (8 Lengths) – Run 1km

RACE 4 – 9:45am Start

  • Relay – 2 or 3 people and Individual

  • Run 1km – Swim 800m (32 Lengths) –  Run 2.2km

Awards Ceremony – 11:00am

Entry Fee – 300 pesos per race on race day check in.



Many Thanks,

Varsity Tryouts and Training Schedule

Good Evening,
I hope you have all enjoyed the break. Please note the following training schedules during Varsity Season.

All ES Squads will all remain the same.
Varsity Swimming Tryout Week (Nov 2nd- 4th) 
– No Wednesday morning training
– Swimmers need to attend all three afternoons (Friday will be a HS only time trial)
There will be no MS training this week. 

Training Schedule for MS/HS Squads Nov 7th – Feb 3rd 2017 

MONDAY Varsity / Squad 5
TUESDAY Varsity /Squad 7
PM: Squads 5,6,7
THURSDAY Varsity /Squad 7
FRIDAY Varsity/ Squad 6

Don’t forget to sign-up for Aquathon and Fall Meet

Aquathon – Nov 5th – SIGN UP
Fall Meet – Nov 12th – SIGN UP 
– 10yrs & Under 7 – 11:30am
– 11yrs & Above 12 – 4pm

Family Relay Day

We are so excited about tomorrows fun filled morning. Please read the final details below…
Please not this is an event open to ALL Sailfish swimmers, regardless of squad or attendance. If you have a last minute change of heart and would still like to attend, please sign-up. And show up tomorrow morning. All family are welcome to join.
  • 9am-1pm at the pool area. If you are unable to join the racing during the first half, please do join the team for open pool and pizza party.
  • Please bring 200peso per participant (all proceeds are going towards Thrive)
  • Team Lists are below.
  • In the nature of keeping this as exciting as possible we may switch teams up if there are huge advantages
  • Some of the events to expect: Mat Relay, Team Chariot, Equipment Relay, Seahorse Relay, Kickboard Relay, Egg and Spoon and Best stroke Relay.
  • The winning team from each event will be announced and all memebers of that team will have their name added to the prize draw.
  • We anticipate to get through approximately six events but will adjust if necessary.
  • There will be an open pool after the events and Pizza served.
  • Parents who are not getting wet… Please do sign up to volunteer 
  • Please bare in mind there are many events on at the school tomorrow, parking will be limited, allow plenty of time or arrange to be dropped off.
Team 1
Juneho AN 9-10 yrs Squad 1
Sangdo AN Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Seongho An Sibling Intermediate Swimmer
Lotus Gowran Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer Squad 3
Rae Siller 9-10 yrs Squad 3
Lamont Siller Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Team 2
Nao Hayashi 8 & Under Squad 3
Kats Hayashi Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Ryuto Mori 9-10 yrs Squad 2
Yasutaka Mori Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Miyu Mori Sibling Beginner Swimmer
Sonoko Sunayama Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Team 3
Jolijn van Etten 8 & Under Squad 4
Annabelle van Etten 9-10 yrs Squad 4
Dahlia Hirsh Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer Squad 4
Maja Andrysiak 11-12 yrs Squad 6
Dianne Andrysiak Adult ‘I am very nervous but my kid really wants me to join’ Aprehensive Swimmer
Stella Violante 11-12 yrs Squad 6
Team 4
Thijs Versantvoort Adult ‘I am very nervous but my kid really wants me to join’ Aprehensive Swimmer Squad 3
Thomas Versantvoort Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer Squad 6
Georgia Richardson 8 & Under
Matthew Richardson 9-10 yrs Squad 4
Alice Richardson Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Kevin Molloy 13-14yrs Squad 6
Team 5
Siena Befus 8 & Under Squad 3
Noelle Befus Sibling Beginner Swimmer
Veasna Bryson 11-12 yrs Squad 8
Cindy Bryson Adult ‘I am very nervous but my kid really wants me to join’ Aprehensive Swimmer
Fiona Foley 11-12 yrs Squad 6
Nickie Foley Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Team 6
Jason Befus Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Harper Befus Sibling Beginner Swimmer
Chamroeun Bryson 8 & Under Squad 2
Ian Bryson Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Teague Foley 9-10 yrs
Chris Foley Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Team 7
MaryJane Fryberger 8 & Under Squad 4
Bill Fryberger Adult ‘I am very nervous but my kid really wants me to join’ Aprehensive Swimmer
Totton Heffelfinger 11-12 yrs Squad 7
Linden Heffelfinger 15 & Over Squad 8
edoardo manfredini Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Teresa manfredini 8 & Under Squad 2
Team 8
James Fryberger 9-10 yrs Squad 6
Marylu Fryberger Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Rowan Heffelfinger 13-14yrs Squad 8
James Heffelfinger Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Ken Klein Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer Squad 6
Uwe Klein Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Team 9
Deana Little 9-10 yrs Squad 2
Steve Little Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Eva Lucci 9-10 yrs Squad 5
Sandra Lucci Adult ‘I kinda like to swim’ Swimmer
Sophia Relf 8 & Under Squad 1
Carly Relf Adult ‘Bring it on’ Experienced Swimmer
Team 10
Sofia Little 9-10 yrs
Sofia Little Sibling Intermediate Swimmer
Thomas Magnussen 9-10 yrs Squad 6
Tone Linn Magnussen Adult ‘I am very nervous but my kid really wants me to join’ Aprehensive Swimmer
Isabella Relf 11-12 yrs Squad 6
Jasmine Relf 13-14yrs Squad 7

Family Relay Meet & Thanyapura

Family Relay – Saturday 9am-1pm – 200pesos per swimmer – SIGN UP
We are gearing up for a fun filled day on Saturday. I have had a few questions and so hopefully they will be answered in the below information.
– Please sign-up before 3pm tomorrow (Thur) so we can start arranging the teams.
– We do need some help from parents who are not swimming so please sign up HERE
– Siblings of Sailfish Swimmers may enter also. Please do sign them up if they are swimming, I have now added that as an option to the form.
– By popular requests I will try and arrange families in the same teams as much as possible. However we do want to make teams as fair as we can for interesting competition.
– Once we have final numbers I will send out teams and races on Friday afternoon.
– Please be prepared for fun relays, such as mat races, noodle relays and various strokes… There will be no disqualifications for incorrect strokes, only those who break rules.
– We will have check in at 9am. Once everyone is ready races will commence. Around 11am we will have an open pool and food and drinks served.
– Our wonderful parent team have secured great prizes for the events from our sponsors, Vitacoco, Basecamp and Lazerextreme at Market Market, and Trapeze in BGC
– As you may be aware there is a Typhoon looming. I have the covered court booked as a back up and we can host many fun relay events if needed.
Thanyapura Swim Camp – Oct 22nd-31st – Sign-Up 
The deadline for sign up is this Friday. Please email me if you have any questions. We now have the minimum of 10 swimmers to run the camp but would be great to have a large group. For more information click HERE
Many Thanks,
Coach Holly Chapman

Upcoming Events

It was great to see and meet so many new and returning sailfish parents this morning. Please do see the slides for those who could not make it.
We have three upcoming events, please sign-up as soon as possible.
Brent Meet – Sat 10th – Sign-Up
All Sailfish swimmers who have been meeting the training requirements are welcome to attend this meet. Please sign up with the link above before Monday 12pm
Morning Session 10yrs & Under:
– Bus to leave ISM at 6:40am (May change to 30mins later depending on warm up time)
– Should be finished and returning to ISM by 12:30pm
Afternoon Session 11 yrs and Over
– Bus will leave ISM at 10am
– Should be finished and returning to ISM by 5pm
ISM Thanyapura Swim Camp – Oct 22nd-31st – Sign-Up 
Open to all Squad 7 & 8 swimmers, or HS swimmers who intend to tryout for the Varsity team, come and prepare during the October break. For further information please read here. If you intend to participate please complete the sign-up form before Friday 9th Sept and pay deposit before Friday 16th Sept. 
Family Relay Day- Sat 17th Sept, 9am-1pm – Sign-Up
New for ISM Sailfish to have a full team bonding experience. We will be joining forces amongst all the age groups, including the adults to make relay teams and have various fun relay races (adults may wear lifejackets if needed). We will then have an open pool, food and music to allow more time to get to know each other. Simply sign up, bring 200pesos and have fun with the whole Sailfish Family!
Inline images 1
We look forward to you joining us for the exciting upcoming events.
Many Thanks,

Time Trials and Parent Meeting

Good Evening Parents and Swimmers,

Welcome to Sailfish Season 16/17! I hope you enjoyed your first week of training.
We will be holding a time trial next week on Friday.
Time Trial – Friday 26th Aug
– Time trials are for all Sailfish Swimmers even if it is not their training day. 
– It is a great way for swimmers to get official times recorded to help track their progress.
– Helps swimmers get used to the race procedures, ready for swim meets.
– ES Swimmers will start at 2:30pm to get some guidance from coaches before it gets a bit busier.
– MS/HS Swimmers will join at 3:15pm.
– We always aim to finish as close to 5pm as possible.
– Each swimmer can sign up for no more than THREE events.
– SIGN UP before Tuesday 23rd 12pm. 
– You will not be able to swim unless you have signed up.
– If your child is in an After-school activity, Mei is given the list of those attending the time-trial and so no notification is required.
Sailfish Parent Meeting – Friday 2nd Sept – AMR 7:30am
Once everyone has had a chance to settle into training I will hold a Parent Meeting to explain fully how the year ahead looks for a Sailfish Swimmer and Parent. I can also then answer any further questions you may have.
I look forward to the year ahead.
Many Thanks,
Coach Holly Chapman

Welcome to Sailfish 2016/2017

Good Morning All Swimmers and Parents,

Welcome to the 16/17 Season of Sailfish!

Firstly, please ensure you have registered on-line and then please pay the Php 1,500 fee to the cashiers office.

Once you have registered online you may purchase your kit from the Bearcat Den. Sailfish Pricelist

Training starts today. Please take your time to review the training schedule and requirements to compete. If you have any questions, please come and see Coach Hazel on pool deck or myself Coach Chapman in the ES/MS Activities Office next to the MS Gym.

Many Thanks,

Coach Holly Chapman

Sailfish Lists 2016/2017

For all those who have not made the Sailfish Team below. Please do sign-up for the ES or MS Aquatics programme.

ES Squads 1&2 Mon, Wed and Fri 2:15-3:15pm

¸ squad squad
Samarth Sharma 1 1 Ryuto Mori 2
Julianne Liu 1 2 Bill Eastman 2
Laura Capranico Cayetani 1 3 Leah Belbase 2
Gavin Ceferino Wijaya 1 4 Saki Joto 2
Jaime Chung 1 5 Sieun Park 2
Cian Ferb 1 6 Minju Cho 2
Sophia Relf 1 Erin Matsuyama 2
Nao Usuda 1 Teresa Manfredini 2
Miyu Suda 2
Deana Little 2
Janka Vitopilova 2
Valentina Lupa 2
Giordano Wright 2
Vidur Bhatia 2
Patrick Duarte 2
Chamroeun Bryson 2

ES Squads 3&4 Tue, Wed and Thur 2:15-3:15pm

squad squad
Lotus 3 Zayden Ramos 4
Elsa Leroy 3 Jiho Nam 4
So Heon Rhee 3 Dahlia Hirsch 4
Thijs Versantvroot 3 Hana Ferrarini 4
Rita Wu 3 Mj Fryberger 4
Simon Zhang 3 Joss Medved-Po 4
Sophie Curry 3 Jack Liu 4
Siena Befus 3 Jolin Van Etten 4
Kiho Kasai 3 Annabelle Van Etten 4
Seyoon Kim 3 Bate Kenzo Lucas 4
Juneho An 3 Anselma Uando 4
June Hyung Kim 3 Matthew Rchardson 4
Jun Woo (William) Park 3 William Griffiths
Rae Amaria Siller 3
Hayate Tachirii 3
Casey Fancum 3
Nao Hayshi 3
Gianna Bee 3
Marijn Raemaker 3
Cameron Tolhurst 3
Francisco Moita 3
Gabriel Alimov 3

MS/HS Squads 5&6 Mon, Wed and Fri 3:15-4:30pm

Squad 5 Squad 6
An Hung Le 1 Bella Relf 1
Christohper Magnussen 1 Colin Babin 1
Elki Laranas 1 Esther Kang 1
Erin Wijaya 1 Jimin Kim 1
Jasmin Zheng 1 Julie Rhee 1
Jason Chung 1 Kevin Molloy 1
Lilla Wijaya 1 Koki Akita 1
Stella Doughlas 1 Linh Nguyen 1
Matrei Trifono 1 Thomas Harvey 1
Tia Kumar 1 Yuan Hwang 1
Kim Dong Hyeok 1 Fiona Foley 1
Robert Eastman 1 Yvonne An 1
Zach Lee 1 Javier Velayo 1
Luca De Dios 1 Jae Uk 1
Ziennedin Ezzeland 1 Thomas Perrin 1
Veronika Kurtic 1 Natalie Bos 1
Helena Kiefer 1 Ken Klein 1
Ishaan Singru 1 Tim Park 1
Joeke Bartlema 1 Leila Gonzales 1
Monish Sharma 1 Seo Yun Bae 1
Eva Lucci 1 Thomas Magnussen 1
Jacob Dickinson 1 Viet Tran 1
Dani Hanh 1 Thomas Vesrantvoort 1
Arturo Contreras 1 James Fryberger 1
Noor Syed 1 Jaosn Vermeij 1
Meg Barraca 1 Max Lupa 1
Ryo Sakai 1
Maja Andrisiak 1

MS/HS Squads 7 & 8

S7 Tue/Thu/Fri & Wed AM

S8 Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu & Wed AM

Squad 7 Squad 8
Aiko Ferrarini 1 Adi Erquiaga 1
Akira Hiyashi 1 Aldrin 1
Amanta Vidugris 1 Alex Go 1
Charlie Xianmin Liu 1 Amina Konsysbayeva 1
Jasmine Relf 1 Andie Tolhurst 1
Jon Nielsen 1 Cedar Heffelfinger 1
Max Gotuaco 1 Emma Stewart 1
Mayako Kruger 1 Enrica Lim 1
Mirza Sarac 1 Gabbie Ellis 1
Totten Heffelfinger 1 Henry Brooke 1
Madeline Hart 1 Isabel Gleyze 1
Nika Gonzales 1 Jennifer Van Ratingen 1
Riho Kasai 1 Kevin Park 1
Ryotaro Otsuka 1 Linden Heffelfinger 1
Esther Ankum 1 Lukas Feichter 1
Agnes Roche 1 Maia Ner 1
Sarah Daniels 1 Michael Babin 1
Kavita Bhisht 1 Natalie Gleyze 1
Kira Ellis 1 Olivia Morris 1
Anna Bloom 1 Robbie Villarica 1
Rowan Heffelfinger 1
Sandro Gotuaco 1
Sofia Liles 1
Woosuk Kim 1
Daniella Laminta 1
Diya Asrani 1
Nancy Kurtic 1
Veasna Bryson 1
Ganden Medved -Po 1
Miguela Puyat 1

ISM Sailfish and Varsity Swimming

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