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Sailfish News Vol. 8

Congratulations Swimmers for a very good performance last Bonifacio cup leg 1 at MJS.

Bonifacio cup leg 2 is scheduled on the 24th October, due to MS/HS PTC we are trying to get it moved to the 26th Thursday waiting for confirmation from BSM.  List of swimmers will be sent out via email tomorrow.

NEW TRAINING SCHEDULE for Season 2.  To give pool space for the Varsity team, New training schedule from November 23-February 4, 2018. During this time, MS swimmers training requirement will now be 1 training session a week.

Squad 5 Monday and Wednesday

Squad 6  Wednesday and Friday

Squad 7 Tuesday/ Wednesday and Thursday

Please send us an email for questions.


Sailfish News Vol. 7

Hi Team,

Final Bonifacio cup leg 1 reminders will be sent via email.

There is SAILFISH TRAINING for all those not participating in the Boni Cup on Wednesday October 4.

Dates to remember: 
  • October 5-6   NO MS Sailfish CWW 
  • October 11 and 12 – NO ES Sailfish. Parent/Student/ teacher conference.
  • October 16-20th – NO MS training. Varsity Try outs. 
  • October 24  – Bonifacio Cup Leg 2 at BSM 
  • October 28-November 5 – Fall Break 
  • November 11  –   ISM Fall Meet ( sign up form on the blog) 
  • November 28 Tuesday  –    Bonifacio Cup leg 3 and awarding 



Sailfish News Vol. 6

Hi Team,

Time trials tomorrow:

Our time trials is now moved to Tuesday September 26, 2017.  Please check your entries here , let coaches Holly or Hazel know if you would like to change your events or enter to time trials. Parents who signed up to volunteer for last Friday, we hope you can still help us for tomorrows time trials.

Wednesday pool closure– Due to rubber mat Laying , pool will be closed Wednesday September 27 . No training.  Training will resume October 2.  HS Swimmers, please go the the Lynn Kachmarik session on Wednesday 3-4pm at the lofthouse.

Bonifacio Cup Leg 1 swimmers, please confirm your participation via email. I have sent out the list of swimmers participating, if you cannot join Bonifacio cup, please let us know.

ISM Fall Meet- Sign up for is posted on the right side of the blog.

Enjoy the longer weekend!




Sailfish News Vol. 5

Hello Sailfish Parents and Swimmers,
Meet program has been sent to your emails, please feel free to print and bring your own programs tomorrow.
10 and under age group swimmers who will be riding the bus, we will leave at 6:30am. If travelling on your own, please be at Brent by 7:30am
* 11 and over BUS DEPARTURE HAS CHANGED – INSTEAD OF 10:30AM, its now at 10am. Please be at ISM before 10am if you are riding the bus. Warm up for 11 and over is at 11:30am. If you are travelling on your own, please be at Brent by 11am 
Time Trials September 22 – Deadline for entries will be on Wednesday. Please make sure you entered if plan to join.
Sign up form is posted on the right side of the blog.
Bonifacio Cup –  This is a triangular between ISM, MJS and BSM. It is held on weekday evenings and so we there is a strict limit of participants we can enter. Please note this is the only event of the year where teams are selected. All others are open to all Sailfish Swimmers. We will start selecting swimmers for this and will send more information net week.
Dates are: Bonifacio cup 1 at MJS October 4
                        Bonifaci Cup 2 at BSM  October 24
                        Bonifacio Cup 3 at ISM and awarding November 14

Sailfish News Vol. 4

Hi Team,  We had a busy full week of training in preparation for our up coming Brent Meet next week.

**UPDATED and Final  BRENT ENTRIES will be sent via email today, Monday September 11, 2017

Our next Time trails will be on September 22 Friday.  Sign up form is posted on the right side of the blog. Deadline for entries will be September 20 Wednesday 12noon.

We also need timers to be able to run this time trials, you can sign up here on on the blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sailfish News Vol. 3

Hello Sailfish Family,

We hope you all had a wonderful longer weekend. Thank you so much to all the parents who volunteered last Friday for the Time trials. We had a lot of new swimmers who were nervous, thank you for making it an enjoyable experience for them. Results can be found at the right side of the blog, or here.

PARENT MEETING: Please do come on Thursday 31st August at 7:30-8am AMR Hall.  This will give you more information on what to expect this season.

BRENT MEET  September 16, 2017. Sign up for is posted on the right side of the blog. Please do sign up if you can join.

2nd Time Trials – September 22, 2017.  We will need parents  volunteers to help us. Please do sign up here if you can help Time Trials Volunteer sign up

Have a good week ahead!


Sailfish News Vol. 2

Hi Sailfish Family,

Here are the entries for tomorrow time trials –   Aug. 25 time trials

Please let us know by 12 noon Friday if you will not be able to make it, so we can adjust the meet program.

Brent Meet  – Happening September 16, 2017 Saturday.  Sign up form is posted on the right hand side of the blog, please do sign up if you will be able to join. Deadline for this will be September 8.

10 and under swimmers will swim in the morning. If you will be riding the bus to Brent, please be at the ES playground before 6:30am. If you will be traveling on your car, please be at Brent by 7:30am. Morning session will be done by 12:30, we aim to be back at ISM by 2pm

11 and over swimmers, if you will be riding the bus to Brent, Please be at the ES playground before 10:30am. If traveling on your car be at Brent by 12:15pm. We aim to be back by 6pm.

Have a good weekend!



Sailfish News Vol. 1

Hello Sailfish Family! Its a great start to the season with about 60 kids who started training yesterday.  Please make sure you have registered for the Sailfish swim team. We will not be able to accommodate unregistered swimmers.  

To accommodate our ES swimmers who would like to swim more than once but are unable due to other team sports during the first season, we are opening our Tuesdays to join Squad 3 training.

Events coming up:

August 25 Time Trials – next week Friday we will have our first time trials. We need parents volunteers to be able to run this event.

please sign up :  Time Trials volunteer sign up

Mark your calendars – Brent Invitational Swim meet September 16, 2017. More details and sign up form next week .

Have a good week ahead!