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ISM Time Trials

Parents, the coaches and I want you to know that we  really appreciate your help with running the meet today.

I had time to have a quick look at today’s results, but still need to go through them carefully to make sure they are  correct before they are published, but…..

The official results will be published on this site on Tuesday.


Have a great long weekend.

Boys 11-12 200 Breast 4:09.97 8/27/2010 Panarin Sungkboon

Boys 11-12 25 Breast 25.91 8/27/2010 Alex Stalley

Boys 11-12 25 Fly 20.79 8/27/2010 Kaizer Soh

Girls11-12 200 Back 3:32.01 8/27/2010 Anika Lewis

Girls 11-12 25 Back 22.42 8/27/2010 Charlotte Marmonier

Girls 8&U 100 Breast 1:56.96 8/27/2010 Ela Miralao

Girls 9-10 200 Breast 3:50.50 8/27/2010 Natalia Gonzales

Swim Meet Entry Forms and Parent Volunteers

Today Sailfish is introducing a new system of signing up for Swim Meets for Swimmers and Parents from within this blog.

Above you will see a new TAB called Sign Up Forms. This is where you will find the following forms.

Swimmers all you have to do is fill in your name and birth date, pick your events and click submit, your entered. Just remember it has to be done by the Meet Entry Deadline.

Swimmers Meet Entry Form

Parents same for you, VolunteerSpot was good, but we can do better.  You also have a volunteering sign up form, just fill in some details, click on the job you would like to do, and the form will be sent to Coach Andy, and your done.

Parent Volunteer Sign Up Form

If you have any feedback please let me know


Coach Andy

Sailfish Club Shirts

We are ordering Sailfish Swim Club t-shirts (polo neck for parents)

Swim suits and swim caps are on their way, I’ll let you know when they arrive how to purchase them.

This year the shirt will be cotton shirt, not so sweaty.

From Tuesday 24th –Friday 27th at training, Parent Volunteers will assist all Sailfish Swimmers try on Sample Sailfish Shirts.

The parent volunteers will help the swimmers with selecting sizes, and give the swimmer an order form with their size on it.

A Parent Shirt is available, if you want one you have to come by to try one on or guess your size put your order on your child’s order form.

To order,

1. fill out the form,

2. Pre Pay at the Cashiers Desk, make sure the cashier stamps your form.

3. Bring the form to Coach Andy at the Swimming Pool Office. If I don’t get the form, you will not get a shirt.

4. DEADLINE – Wednesday 8th September 5pm.

5. I will complete process the order through out purchasing office.

6. Shirts will then be distributed at training once they arrive.


Hello Sailfish.


This is our first meet of the semester.  It is a good meet for those who have never been to a meet before, no other schools will be here, it’s just us.

For swimmers who swam with us

last year, it is a good opportunity to try a new event.  Remember we have a new Incentive program called XLR8.  More about XLR8 here.

DATE: Friday 27th of August

TIME: 3:00-5:00PM – please arrange your transport accordingly.

WHO: Only ISM Students. All Registered Sailfish Swimmers, Grade 1-Grade 12

ENTRIES: To Enter you must e-mail me back.  OR Tick your name on the SIGN UP list located on the Sailfish Notice board at the pool

You can not just turn up  on the day without first doing this.


EVENTS : Pick 4 events.  4 different strokes and vary the distances(you can not do 25,50,100,200 Freestyle).  Not sure what to do? I can do your entries for you, just ask.  Younger swimmers new to the sport, should pick the 25 or 50m events.

  1. 25 Free
  2. 50 Free
  3. 100 Free
  4. 200 Free
  5. 400 Free
  6. 25 Back
  7. 50 Back
  8. 100 Back
  9. 200 Back
  10. 25 Breast
  11. 50 Breast
  12. 100 Breast
  13. 200 Breast
  14. 25 Fly
  15. 50 Fly
  16. 100 Fly
  17. 200 Fly
  18. 100 IM
  19. 200 IM
  20. 400 IM