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Meet/Event Sign Up Form

A new way of signing up for Swim Meets and Sailfish Events.

A second option for responding for Meets and other events is now available.  Located on the notice board located next to the School Record Board is a sign up sheet.I’ll put one up for each event as they come up.

Currently a Club Champs Swim Meet sign up form for swimmers and a Parent Volunteer Form for the Club Champs is up.  Please tick Yes if you are able to assist, No if you are unable to help this time.


Exercise Makes You Smarter

Exercise Makes You Smarter

from Outside Blog by The News Team

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden have found that young adults who are physically fit score better on their IQ tests, ScienceDaily reports. There is a strong correlation between fitness and logical thinking and verbal comprehension, but the correlation doesn’t stand in relation to muscular strength.

“Being fit means that you also have good heart and lung capacity and that your brain gets plenty of oxygen,” says professor Michael Nilsson of the Sahlgrenska Academy, who is chief physician at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where the study was conducted. “This may be one of the reasons why we can see a clear link with fitness, but not with muscular strength.” The research subjects were 1.2 million Swedish men serving in the military and born between 1950 and 1976.

–Aileen Torres



Girls watch out we have a thief, a number girls have had their belongings stolen from the change rooms, wallets, ipods even pencil cases have been taken.

DO NOT  leave your bags in the change room.  Instead take your bag and leave it in the bleachers.

Security is aware of the problem.

If you have had something stolen pleae report it to the security office as soon as possible.

Impress Your Coach


10. Don’t miss practice. Want to be the best swimmer you can be? Showing up is a good start. As a coach, our primary chance to help you is at practice. If you are not there, we simply cannot help.

9. If there is a legitimate reason why you will miss practice, contact your coach beforehand, explain the circumstances, and ask how you can make it up. Connecting in advance of your absence suggests you care about the practice and more importantly, about your own training.

8. Show up on time. Don’t be that swimmer who is perpetually late to practice. You’ll anger most coaches and frankly, even perturb your teammates. If you think your fellow swimmers are forgiving of your tardiness, you’re mistaken. Most dislike it or conclude you feel like you deserve special treatment or consideration.

7. Be prepared for practice. When the coach is planning your training, he is expecting that you will have the necessary items to perform as instructed. Not having your mesh bag, swimming equipment, water bottle, shoes for dryland, etc. is just plain sloppy and makes him wonder whether you really intend to improve or if you are just showing up hoping to get better.

6. Give your best effort consistently at practice. We are not asking nor expecting every swimmer to be a world-beater every day. We merely expect you to perform at your capability and be willing to push that boundary every once in a while. Your effort will determine your results. Even the best coach does not bring magic swim-fast fairy dust to practice.

5. Listen and ask good questions at practice. Coaches like swimmers who are attentive and focused. If your coach constantly has to repeat himself, it wastes your time and his. If you have a question, find the right time to ask it–not 2 seconds before you are supposed to push off the wall, but during the explanation of the set or after practice.

4. Understand that every day is an opportunity to improve and once it is over the opportunity has passed. Be sure to get the maximum benefit each day. Be willing to make changes and seek the coach’s insight on how you can do this. Don’t just keep doing what you’re doing and hope that your hard work will overcome your other mistakes. We know that many of you dream of achieving at the highest levels of the sport, so we have to work together to get you there.

3. Set awesome goals. Make them reasonable yet challenging, clear but flexible. Not only are they important to help you focus your energies, but goals can also help inspire your coach. A good coach is motivated by a swimmer with high goals and the drive to achieve those goals.

2. Let your coach know if he’s doing a good job. If the practice engaged and challenged you, tell him. If you enjoyed the new exercise you tried for the first time, let him know. If you’re a better swimmer or person at the end of the season, send him a handwritten thank-you note. The flip side to this, of course, is helping him improve. Is he unclear in his instructions on a set? Did he misunderstand your question or put you on an easier interval than you are capable of? Is there something that you are missing in your training? A good coach is responsive to your feedback and will look to improve.

1. Be a leader and make your personalized contribution to the team. The best compliment a coach can give any swimmer is that “you made everyone around you better than they would have been without you.” If you hear your coach say that, know this: we were indeed impressed. Be THAT swimmer.

Sailfish News

Personal Record Book

Anybody who has swum at a meet and achieved a personal best time will have received a PB book.  After each meet we will give out new stickers to put in your book.  If you like bring your book to meets and we will do it for you.


Tuesday December 1st 3:30-6:00pm – Elementary School and Middle School end of year party.  Please RSVP to coach Andy


Saturday December 5th – Pledge forms and information sheets have been sent out.  Did you get yours, contact me if you have any questions.

Club Championships

Have been moved to Monday the 14th of December.

Hong Kong Meet

Who wants to go to Hong Kong for a swim meet.  Contact Coach Andy if interested.

Sailfish News



Today we had the Sailfish parent meeting, and we discussed:

ISM Fall Swim Meet

  • Juniors are to meet at the pool at 7:10am
  • Seniors meet at the pool at 11:30am
  • The club is going to run a bake sale, please bring along something to contribute to sell. Parents are requested to help man the booth.


  • has been moved to the 5th of December,
  • Pledge forms have been sent home with the swimmers, and a copy has been e-mailed. 
  • Parents or an Adult Guardian is required at the event to count each swimmers laps. 
  • We also need parents to assist with the registration process, please email coach Andy Astfalck, if you are able to help.


  • December 1s for Elementary and Middle School Swimmers
  • Starts at 3:30 finishes at 6:00pm
  • Cost 200 Pesos each.  Club will be subsidysing event
  • Bring your swim suit and clothing for bowling.

December Club Champ Meet

  • Date has been changed to December 14th.

Questions?  E-mail Coach Andy

Sailfish News


This week we have training every day Tuesday-Friday.

EQUIPMENT – T-shirts and Swim Suits have arrived. They will be given out at training this week.

ISM FALL SWIM MEET – Still waiting on entry confirmation from the following swimmers.

Anaya, Tzocilli, Anaya, Yoatzin , Arulpragasam, Lucas ,Chatron-Michaud, Alexander, Dora, Aastha, Farid, Aina, Farid, Aisya, Fiechter, Andrea, Gonzales, Natalia Gooden, Aleah, Ha, Jae Hyun, Han, Sung-Jun, Hasebe, Kyoichi, Hong, Soo-Yeon, Ito, Rumi, Joo, Ie, Kang, Dayeon, Khanna, Sanjana, Kim, Han Joo, Kim, Jenny, Kim, Ji-Young, Kim, Joon-Ho, Kim, Sarah, Kim, SungHyun, Koyama, Hiroki, Lamont, Hugh, Lamont, Rory, Lee, Byeong, Lee, Dong Yun, Lee, Eun Jee.  Lee, Hee Min, Lee, Hee Seung, Lee, Jin-Wook. Lee, Nara, Lee, Sang-Won, Lee, Seung Hyun. Linell, Shannon, Mccallum, Orawan, Moon, Sophie. Morales, Isobel, Morales, Nicolo, Naughton, Jaqueline. Ronald, Alistair , Roovers, Reza, Rourke, Joseph. Sasaki, Seiryo, Soroño, Joshua, Sungkboon, Panarin. Sungkboon, Pawarin, Thompson, Kathryn, Woodruff, Alexander. Yu-Banos, Jasmine, Zheng, Lisa, Zibell, Enya. Zibell, Noah.