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Starting in Season 2010/2011, the XLR8 Incentive system will be introduced.

XLR8 Status and Strive Explanation

Sailfish_XLR8_Status and Strive Point Spreadsheet


XLR8 Status is a system that challenges swimmers to become all rounded versatile swimmers. This is extremely important for the athlete’s long-term development. Awards are awarded to swimmers dependent on the Status they have achieved at the completion of 2010-2011 school year.  The great thing about XLR8 Status is that you don’t need to be the fastest swimmer to achieve an award; you simply have to take part.  There four levels to strive for; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The status colours are represented by: Bronze Brown), Silver(Grey), Gold(Yellow,) Platinum(Blue)


Swimmers who achieve a certain number of points will be eligible for an award at the SAILFISH Award Ceremony.  The awards are given out in the Year following the calendar year of Strive points. The levels are as follows:

Strive 6,000 Club

Strive 9,000 Club

Strive 13,000 Club

Strive 17,000 Club

If you have the goal of being one of the few swimmers in the club who achieves over 17,000 points, or simply want to get a higher Strive award, you will need to understand how to increase your points. The best way to start is to swim in as many events as possible, then at the next meet improve the time you swim for each event. The faster you go the more points you earn.

The points you have for each completed race appear in the column directly to the right of your time. Your total points will appear on the far left of the sheet next to your name.


All swimmers who have achieved Strive points will be ranked on the Sailfish Strive Leader Board, which will be posted on the notice board at the pool. Remember that being last on this list is still a great achievement as there are many swimmers at Sailfish who won’t even appear on the list. You are taking part in the system and now you can aim to improve your ranking. Check out the leader board to see where you are and work hard to rise up the ladder.

End of Year Updates

Hi Folks, sorry I missed the award ceremony, unfortunately I have hurt my achilles tendon and will be out of action for a couple of months, I should be ready for the start of the next season.

  • I am sorting out the squads for next season, please let me know if you are leaving, or are doing another sport next season.
  • If you have a friend who wants to join, bring them to trainingin the first weeks of the semester so I can assess them and place them in a squad.
  • I understand the wrong year was on the Personal Best time certificates, don’t worry, I’ll get them re printed and get them sent to your home room.
  • Same with the Relay Record Certificates, not all were printed, they will also sent to your home room.
  • Any feedback on the swim suits? How do they look?  If all goes well they will be available from the bear cat den at the start of next semester.
  • Who is interested in going to Kalireya?  in the first two weeks of the season we will be asking people to pay.  It will be lots of fun, please mark your calendars.  Also let me know if you intend to go
  • this is next 2010-2011_Sailfish_Calendar, it is still a draft, and is missing a couple of meets with BSM and is still missing dates for our International trip, I am in contact with several schools, I will keep you updated on this progress as it comes in.
  • Hazel told you about the new Incentive Program we will be introducing next semester, I am working on an the spread sheet and explanation sheet, I’ll send that out soon.

Sailfish News

Hi folks, results are posted, please go to the Meet Results Page to view them.  Also posted is the Top Time By Event and Age Group Top Times sheets, see how you are ranked in each event.

Training continues this and next week.  I will announce training times for the week after at the awards ceremony.  Some training sessions will be cancelled to allow coaches to plan for next year.

Have you booked your Award Ceremony seat?  E-mail me if you still haven’t booked.

Coaches Conference

Hi Swimmers, I have been in Australia for the past week attending a swim coaches conference.  Every day I have been attending lectures from Australias and the worlds top swim coaches or sport science experts, who have talked about a whole range of topics including, stroke technique, dives, turns, sport psychology and nutrition.  There was so much new information to learn I think my head will pop, in fact I even dreamt I was sitting in a lecture listening to an Olympic Coach tell me about the latest research on developing dry land exercise programs.   Of course not all of it is relevant to us and our swimming right now, but I have lots of ideas, and will certainly be sharing it with Coaches, Hazel, Zaldy and Andrew.  See you Tuesday.

Coach Andy

Sailfish News

Sailfish News

Well done to the swimmers who competed at the British School Summer Meet.  Results now posted on the Results page..

WHATS ON THIS WEEK – This week is a normal week of school,  swimmers going to the Hong Kong Meet are welcome to attend extra training sessions in preparation for the Hong Kong Island Stingray Meet in the first week of May.

We are getting some t-shirts made, please send coach Andy your t-shirt size

NEXT WEEK Coach Andy will not be here, he is attending a coaches conference.

Monday – ES3 squad will be with Coach Andrew, HS Squad with Coach Kaight

Tuesday – HS Squad with Coach Zaldy

Wednesday ES3 Squad with coach Hazel, HS Squad with Coach Zaldy

Thursday – HS Squad with Coach Zaldy

Friday – ES Squad with Coach Andrew & Hazel, MS/HS squad with Coach Zaldy


The final club champs Meet is scheduled for Tuesday the 18th of May. it starts at 3:15 and finishes at 5:00PM, please arrange transport.

It is your last chance to accumululate points for the end of year awards.  Trophies will be given out for the Most Improved Boy and Girl from each of the age groups.  Age Group Champion Boy and Girl, and Mr/Ms Sailfish award.

This is also your final chance for this school to set a school record, your name will apear on the ISM Swimmign Record Board for the whole of the next school year, it stays there year after year until the record is broken.

Club Champs EVENTS

You can pick your events, but must follow these guidelines.

  • please choose 5 Events.
  • You must swim in all distance 25m-200m i.e: 1x25m, 1,50m, 1x100m, 1x200m – bonus event no restriction
  • One event must be either :100IM or 200IM.
  • You must swim in all strokes. 1xBF, 1xBK, 1xBR, 1xFR, 1xIM
  • An example: 25BF, 50BK, 100IM, 200FR and 100BR

Sailfish News – March 22

Volunteer Parents
Volunteer Parents


  1. Club Champs March – Wednesday 24th 2:30-4:30pm
  2. Wednesday 24th – Last Day Training before Spring Break
  3. April 8th – Entry Deadline for British School Summer Sprint Meet
  4. April 9th – Pool Party – Bring a Friend
  5. April 17th – British School Summer Sprints Meet
  6. May 7/8 – Hong Kong Island Stingrays Meet
  7. May 18th – Final Club Champs
  8. May 27th – Award Ceremony

CLUB CHAMPS – March 2010

ENTRIES – Club Champs March – Individual Entries

Everybody has been entered and you are expected to be there, if you can not attend please notify Coach Andy –

Parents are needed to help run the meet, timing, runners, timing system.

Warm Up starts at 2:30, Meet Starts at 3:00, Meet Finishes 4:30


Sign Up Sheet is posted on the Notice Board next to the Records Board, please indicate if you are intending to go.  Otherwise e-mail Coach Andy


Keep Thursday 27th free for the Award Ceremony.  Swimmers Free, Parents Siblings 250 pesos.

If you have Prize Donations for the raffle, please contact Coach Andy.


family dinner

Hi folks,  do you talk about swiming on the way home in the car or at the dinner table?  What did you like about the meet this weekend, we’re you scared? How did you deal with it? what did you do well, what do you need to improve on?  What is your favourite stroke? Did you get disqualified? Do you know why? Parents please share your conversations with your coaches, we don’t get the time to have long conversations with your children, knowing this stuff about them helps us do our job better, so please share these tid bits with us.


Coach Andy

Sailfish News

Sailfish/Varsity Swimming News

Information for swimmers going to

  • PRADA Meet,
  • IASAS Meet and team dinner at TGI Fridays,
  • Japanese School Meet,
  • Club Championship Meet, and
  • Hong Kong Meet.


Sailfish and Varsity Swimmers have been selected.

  • Bus leaves school at 7:00am from the ES Field
  • Warm Up 8:15-8:45am
  • Meet Starts 9:00am
  • Meet should finish between 1-2pm, bus should be back at school approximately 3pm.

Please inform coach Andy how you are getting to the meet, either by bus or with your parents, and how you are getting back, bus or parents?


  • After training on Friday 22nd
  • TGI Fridays on High Street Fort Bonifacio
  • Arrange your own transport.
  • Swimmers selected for IASAS Swimming Singapore 2010 ONLY.
  • Team Caps will be presented.


  • Bus leaves at 4:30AM(morning) Do Not Be Late
  • Parents are welcome to come to watch, please arrange your own transport and accommodation.  We are swimming at Singapore American School
  • Traveling Uniform Must Be Worn
    • Green ATAC Shirt (get one from  ATAC) with Swimming Badge
    • Khaki Trousers – NO SHORT SKIRTS ALLOWED
  • Please make sure you return your travel document pack TODAY to ATAC,
    • NOA SISON – DSWD Still required

IASAS Swimmers Must return their housing forms, you will be housed by SAS families, please return the favour.


  • Entries Still Open – if you have not done so, please e-mail me to book your spot
  • 200 Pesos entry fee to be paid at cashier.


  • Entries Open – Please E-mail to book your spot.  Club Championship Points are available, points contribute to your end of year tally, Age Group Champions, Most Improve and Mr/MS Sailfish Trophy’s.
  • Wednesday 10th of February. 2:30-4:30pm
  • Parent needed please, please e-mail me if you can help.  Support your child!


  • 7-10th May (10th May is holiday for Elections)
  • 25-30 People have expressed interest.
  • Proposed Hotel is L’Hotel Causeway,
  • Flying Philippine Airlines
    • flight departure 8:00am Friday 7th May PR300 arrives HK 10:10am
    • Flight Return 18:00 Monday 10th May arrives Manila 20:05
  • Approximate Package Cost Flight and Hotel = USD$425 each Different prices for (single/double/triple share.)

DSC_0249_20091007_153222Welcome Back, hope you had a great holiday.

Training starts on Tuesday.  Tryouts will also be conducted this week.  If you know somebody who wants to swim, tell them to come to tryouts,  straight after school each day this week.

We have 4 meets coming up for Sailfish Swimmers,  the Brent Meet, Japanese School Meet, PRADA Meet, and the British School Meet. .  Please refer to the notice board for more information.  Don’t forget to e-mail coach Andy if you are going to swim at any of these meets.

See you in the pool


Meet/Event Sign Up Form

A new way of signing up for Swim Meets and Sailfish Events.

A second option for responding for Meets and other events is now available.  Located on the notice board located next to the School Record Board is a sign up sheet.I’ll put one up for each event as they come up.

Currently a Club Champs Swim Meet sign up form for swimmers and a Parent Volunteer Form for the Club Champs is up.  Please tick Yes if you are able to assist, No if you are unable to help this time.