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Boys 13/14 50m Back

Old 32:06 Jung Ho Kim at Prada 2010 1/23/10

New 31:85 Kaizer Soh at MJS Meet 2/5/2012

Girls   800 Free
OLD 10:15.71     Lotta Toppari at ISM Varsity Meet 2012      1/14/2012

NEW 10:01.82 **  Lotta Toppari at IASAS – 2012               2/2/2012

Boys   50 Free
OLD   24.87     Raymond Oo at ISM Fall Meet 2011             11/19/2011

NEW   24.61 **  Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012 BROKEN IN FINAL             2/2/2012
NEW   24.62     Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012 BROKEN IN HEATS             2/2/2012

Boys   100 Free
OLD    56.19     Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2010                   1/28/2010

NEW    54.00 **  Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012   BROKEN IN FINAL          2/2/2012
NEW    54.16     Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012    BROKEN IN HEATS          2/2/2012

Boys   200 Free
OLD  2:02.30     Raymond Oo at IASAS -2011                    1/27/2011

NEW  2:00.38 **  Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012    BROKEN IN FINAL          2/2/2012

Boys   50 Fly
OLD    27.50     George Go at IASAS – 2008                    1/31/2008

NEW    27.20 **  Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012   BROKEN IN HEATS           2/2/2012
NEW    27.49     Raymond Oo at IASAS – 2012    BROKEN IN FINAL          2/2/2012

Boys   400 Free Relay
OLD 3:58.04     S.Moon, L.Bayly, K.Hosoki, R.Sy               2/12/2004

NEW 3:44.26 **  S. An, J. Jang, N. Sison, R. Oo                 2/2/2012

New… actually old Records

hello Swimmers, recently somebody discovered a hard copy of the IASAS swimming REsults from 1987.  It was great to see results from this time, especially because our ISM girls won IASAS gold that year. Second good news I discovered 5 times that are faster than our current school swimming records, which makes our records are a little more accurate.  Take note. they used to swim the 200m Butterfly at IASAS.

  1. 100 BR 1:25.44 by I. Guisto
  2. 200 BF 2:42.07 by L. Snyder
  3. 100 BF 1:10.44 by E. Ching
  4. 400 IM 5:40.53 by E. Ching
  5. 200 BR 3:06.56 by I. Guisto

Varsity Swimmers

IASAS Swimming Championships

The IASAS Swim Team leave for Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday for a 3 day swim meet, this group of swimmers are dedicated group of athletes, who have given up many social events in order to train for this meet.  Peers of the swimmers say that the swimming team is the easiest team to make. People who say that probably wouldn’t finish what this group of people do for warm up.  The fact is, swimming is probably the toughest sport to train for, and our swimmers are likely to be the fittest group of athletes in the school. They often leave training physically exhausted.  If you see our Varsity swimmers at the pool or in school, make sure you wish them all the best for their big meet this coming weekend.

Holiday Projects

Holiday Projects

What are you going to do for the next 2 months while on holidays?  What about be creative and design a Sailfish or Varsity T-shirts or a Join The Sailfish Banner?

  • A Sailfish Club T-shirt you can wear at meets, to replace the one we have been wearing for the past two seasons.
  • On February 19th we are running a meet which will be attended by teams from other countries, we will be giving every competitor a Meet T-shirt.  Design a t-shirt for this meet.
  • At the start of the season we invite students to join the Sailfish, we need to promote the Sailfish and invite students to join us.  Design a banner that can be printed onto paper to be placed in the notice boards around the school, we will also print the banner onto a large banner to be hung at the pool.
  • Varsity Swimmers can create a Varsity T-shirt to be worn at Meets throughout the Varsity Swimming Season.
  • Varsity Swimmers can create an IASAS Swimming Shirt to be worn at IASAS Swimming Kuala Lumper.

Click on the logo to save it to your computer

Blank T-shirt

  • Sailfish Logo