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New T-shirt and Swim Cap Design

Are you artistic and would like to contribute to a new Sailfish T-shirt and Swim Cap design?  Next year we will introduce new caps and t-shirts.

Use the templates below to either produce your design in a software program like photoshop or Illustrator, or print the PDF version and use pencils or crayons to design your cap or shirt.

Use a Maximum of 2 colours for your design, that does not include the colour of the background, i’e it could be a green coloured shirt, or yellow swim cap. The logo design should be a maximum of 2 colours also

For swim caps here is the price range for designs with multiple colours, for designs with one colour caps are $7.50 each, 2 colours-$9.50 and 3 colours =$11 dollars each.

The designs will be displayed at the end of year awards ceremony,

We may combined ideas to produce the final product, colours may be changed slightly, for production.

For designing T-shirt with Software

JPEG version of T-shirt Front

JPEG version of T-shirt Back


For printing template and designing t-shirt with pencils, crayons or ink.

T-shirt Template

Swim Cap Template

Equipment Ordering

Equipment Ordering.

The Sailfish Uniform includes Sailfish, Swim Suit, Cap and T-shirts.  We have swim suits and caps in stock, but will have to order t-shirts.  (the current order has been sent, fingers crossed it will be back before the 19th of Feb)

The fitting and pick up schedule is below.

Try On and Pick Up Schedule

  • All 2:30-3:30pm at the swimming pool.
  • Wednesday 9th February
  • Wednesday 16th February
  • Friday 11th February
  • Wednesday 16th March
  • Friday 18th March
  • Wednesday 13th April
  • Friday 15th April

Equipment Purchase Procedure

  1. Try on Shirts and swim suit, swim caps are one size so no need to try on.
  2. Pay for purchase at cashier
    • Swimmers Shirt – 250P
    • Parent Shirt – 350P
    • Swim Suit – 2000P
    • Swim Cap – 300P
  3. Bring receipt when returning to pick up item.

Swimming Watch

The SwimsenseTM (Powered by SportSenseTM) is a groundbreaking training tool, which captures critical performance data. The monitor straps onto the wrist like a watch and uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify your swim. Analyze your performance on the device with pace times, distance (meters/yards/laps), stroke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke and calories burned across all four major strokes. Performance data can then be uploaded to the FINIS® SwimsenseTM Training Log for additional analysis and historical review. The SwimsenseTM Performance Monitor provides a revolutionary degree of information, which is key to tracking and improving your swim performance.

Make your swimming goggles just like new.

You can make your swim goggle lenses so they are like new again by following the simple steps in this post.

When you use a new pair of swim goggles for the first few times, you’ll find they improve your vision under water dramatically over your old scummy goggles. But over time, pool chemicals and white film builds up on the lenses.

Tools: a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste.

Just apply a dab of toothpaste to the toothbrush and scrub for about thirty seconds, rinse and enjoy. Be sure to do both sides of each lens.

What’s happening? The toothpaste has a mild abrasive which removes the built up scum that will not come off with regular soap and washcloth.

Sailfish & Varsity Swimming News

Brent Meet_101


  • Even though school is running as normal on Tuesday, an public holiday has been announced.  d
  • Sailfish Swimming has been cancelled
  • Varsity Swimming is ON. 3-5pm


  • I will finalize ISM’s entries tomorrow, when finished I’ll e-mail you your events.
  • Please be at the pool ready at 7:10am our warm up will be at 7:20am
  • Marshalling starts at 8:15, first race is at 8:30
  • Meet should be finished by 1:00pm
  • ISM Swim Caps ONLY , if you don’t have one, pay 300 pesos at the cashier, bring the receipt to me, and I’ll give you an ISM cap.
  • Please be aware that a road running race will be raced on Saturday morning, please expect traffic delays, please allow an extra 10-15 minutes time to get into school.


  • Please pay your pledges to the School Cashier.


  • The new Swimsuits have just arrived today.
  • The try on schedule will be announced later in the sailfish blog.
  • Boys and Girls suits 2000 pesos each.
  • Pay 2000 pesos at cashier
  • Try on a suit, if you have your receipt you can get your suit immediately.


  • WHERE? – This years pre-IASAS is in Bangkok.  Five other IASAS teams will be there, it will be a competitive meet, with swimmers who will be at IASAS
  • WHO?  – Spots available for 14 girls 14 Boys, please let me know if you intend to go. If more than 14 swimmer book then coaches will select the team.
  • YES? – It will influence who gets picked for the IASAS team.  It is the last meet before IASAS, people who go to this meet will get valuable racing and travel experience, they will be more likely to perform well at IASAS.
  • FLIGHTS/COST – details will be sent out in the next few days.
  • BOOKING  – Not yet,.  You book directly through ATAC office, it must be done before we go on break.


Are warm farewell to the Miralao family who are moving to the United States.  Sydney and Ela, will be missed in the pool, they hold a majority of the U8 and 9/10 Girls age group swimming records, don’t worry girls we will send you your record certificates at the end of the school year.

A special thank you also to Pia, who was working behind the scenes nearly every day to make the Sailfish a better club, thank you very much for all your hard work.

Sailfish Club Shirts

We are ordering Sailfish Swim Club t-shirts (polo neck for parents)

Swim suits and swim caps are on their way, I’ll let you know when they arrive how to purchase them.

This year the shirt will be cotton shirt, not so sweaty.

From Tuesday 24th –Friday 27th at training, Parent Volunteers will assist all Sailfish Swimmers try on Sample Sailfish Shirts.

The parent volunteers will help the swimmers with selecting sizes, and give the swimmer an order form with their size on it.

A Parent Shirt is available, if you want one you have to come by to try one on or guess your size put your order on your child’s order form.

To order,

1. fill out the form,

2. Pre Pay at the Cashiers Desk, make sure the cashier stamps your form.

3. Bring the form to Coach Andy at the Swimming Pool Office. If I don’t get the form, you will not get a shirt.

4. DEADLINE – Wednesday 8th September 5pm.

5. I will complete process the order through out purchasing office.

6. Shirts will then be distributed at training once they arrive.

A Watch For Swimmers

Pool-Mate Watch by Swimovate
World First Automatic Lap Counting Watch
Now available in HOT PINK!

GSS: S$179 U.P. S$229

The Pool-Mate is the only fully automatic lap and stroke counter for swimmers. It will work with all major strokes, all abilities of swimmer and all sizes of pool.

Containing accurate motion sensors and our unique software algorithms, the Pool-Mate automatically recognises each swim stroke and change of lap so you don’t have to count anymore. The Pool-Mate will display Lap count, Time, Average Strokes per lap, Speed, Distance, Calories and Efficiency, all completely automatically and store details in a large memory for recall at your leisure.…mate-watch.html