Sailfish News Vol. 16

Hi Team,

Manila Japanese Meet will be happening on February 3, 2018.  We do not have the warm up schedule yet. Entry list will be emailed. Please check your events, the entry list is as of January 23. Entries close Thursday, January 25 at 4pm.  Please check your entries and let us know of any changes. If you have not signed up, you may sign up on the right side of the Blog.  Note that in order to join Swim meets, you will need to make the attendance requirement. Please Speak with your coach if you have entered but was not included on the entry list.

Time trials Scheduled on February 9 is cancelled. We will be having Thrive Family fun Relays on February 10, more information will be sent out as our parent group finalizes the details.

Coaches Holly, Hazel and Rod will be off to Jakarta on Wednesday next week for IASAS Swimming. Wish our High School IASAS Team the best of luck!