March News

Hello Sailfish Family,  We just got back from the ISB Splash Swim meet with over 600 swimmers competing, 21 teams, ISM having 19 swimmers ranked 6th overall for the Saturday short course meet, and ranked 4th for the Sunday long course meet.  Big Congratulations Swimmers! Adi Erquiaga, Danielle Laminta, Jasmine Relf,  Mayako Kruger, Amina Konysbayeva, Elena Dickinson, Nika Gonzales, Ves and Chamreoun  Bryson, Jon Nielson, Ganden and Joss Medved Po, Totten Heffelfinger,  Zayden Ramos, Mj Fryberger, Kenzo Bate, Maja Andrisiak, Erin Matsuyama and Dahlia Hirsch.

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BSM MEET moved to April 1, 2017.  We have just been informed that the BSM meet scheduled on the 18th of March is moved to April 1, 2017. If you haven’t signed up for that meet, please do so. Deadline will be March 22, 2017 ( Tuesday ) NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Time Trials March 17, 2017 – Time to set new personal bests. We will have our time trials as scheduled on Friday 17th March. sign up here:  March Time Trials 2017