Welcome Back Swimmers

Hello Swimmers. I am writing this while watching the Olympic Swimming. I hope you also get the chance to watch the worlds best. Our season is about to start, schools starts on the 6th, Swimmers who swam on the Sailfish team last season will start training on Monday the 13th of August.   (Squad 7 swimmers start swimming straight away on the 6th of August)

For the first week of school we will be conducting tryouts. Tryouts are conducted each day after school, once you finish school come straight to the pool. You will be asked to demonstrate, Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke, and if you can you can you can show your Butterfly too, we are interested in how well you swim not how fast, so when you swim show us your best technique, not how fast you are. Once we have seen you swim we will place you in a squad, you then need to register with the club and pay your registration fee (2000 Pesos) payable at the school cashier.  Once you have been placed in a squad, filled in the online registration form and paid your fees, you can then get your Sailfish swim cap and t-shirt.