The Six Swimming When Your Not Swimming Exercises

Video competition.

Produce a video of you doing the The Six Swimming When Your Not Swimming Exercises.

We have been learning the exercises at training this week, we will also do them next week as well.

When you produce your video you must do all six exercises

You can do the exercise is SAFE but interesting places

You can explain what your doing too as you demonstrate.

Upload your video onto Animoto, Youtube or on the Sailfish Group on Facebook.

Prizes for the following winners.

Category One – the coolest location to exercise

Category Two – the best demonstration of the exercises with explanation.

Category Three – The best overall video.

The Exercises

1. Planes Trains and Automobiles ankle exercise

2. Shoulder Stretch

3.Ankle Stretch

4. Octopus Pushups

5. Steamline Sitting

6. Shower hamstring Stretch.



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